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John Lapointe

Quality Assurance (QA) and Safety Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Over 46 years’ experience in the aeronautics environment, of which 17 years of specific aviation audit and mission assurance-related experience while working at NASA. 12 years aviation safety experience ranging from safety policy development and controls, accident investigations, and mentoring while serving as Aviation Safety Program Liaison to the community. While assigned to NASA HQ Office of Safety and Mission Assurance, served as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in audits, quality requirements, and management systems. Led audits overseeing the use of Agency Mission Management Aircraft. Supported audits for multiple NASA aviation-based Centers, and interfaced on multiple NASA Safety Center’s Audit and Assessment Office. Had oversight responsibilities for the NASA Intercenter Aircraft Operations Panel (IAOP) reviews managed by HQ Aircraft Management Division. Assisted SME Teams in performing Organizational Safety Assessments at different NASA Centers. Completed multiple OSHA safety courses and received an award of a certificate as Safety Supervisor from the Greater Los Angeles Chapter, Nations Safety Council.


Bachelor Science in Professional Aeronautics
Minor in Aviation Safety, 1995

Aviation Safety Certificate, 1995
System Safety Engineering, 2001

Master Science in Aeronautical Science
Specializing in Aeronautical Management & Safety Systems

Aircraft Accident Investigation Course, 2004

Career Details:

May 2021 - present


Show Me Quality Assurance customer facing work as an auditor and QA SME, and internally in support of our ISO 9001:2015 compliant Quality Management System.

2008 – 2020


  • Provided Aviation Safety Program support in high-risk/high-consequence areas of Center aircraft operations, and collaborating with aviation safety officers.  Assisted and participated in auditing, investigations, and Organizational Safety Assessments of NASA Centers
  • Provided oversight of Intercenter Aircraft Operations Panel Reviews of seven (7) NASA Centers with assigned aircraft, managed by Aircraft Management Division.  Provided expertise in auditing aircraft ramps, hangars, and industrial shops for OSHA and NFPA compliance.  Participated with area team leads in assessing aviation safety program health during audit process.  Assisted in categorizing audit findings for risk classification provided to Center Senior Management during audit outbrief
  • Assigned as OSMA Liaison to Center SMA Directors of the four Aeronautics Research Centers.  Held monthly telecoms with Center SMA Staff discussing challenges and accomplishments.   Participated as the Aero Center’s representative when NASA NSC completed their safety and quality audits
  • Was assigned as OSMA Embed to the Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate in the role as the Technical Authority’s eyes and ears in the planning and implementing of new flight research programs.  Participated on multiple experimental aircraft design reviews at Lockheed Skunk works for the X-59 Project.
2006 – 2008


Overseeing the use of Agency Mission Management Aircraft (MMA)

  • Coordinated and led MMA Scheduler’s workshops to train and standardize MMA processes across Centers
  • Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative (COTR) responsibilities for multiple aircraft studies
  • Maintained knowledge of Federal Aviation Administration Regulations and Policies for analyzing current aviation transportation issues effecting NASA flight operations.
  • Worked and coordinated with Missions Directorates and NASA Centers to implement policies, establish data reporting protocol for Aero centers with assigned aircraft.
  • Performed assessments in areas of management concern during Intercenter Aircraft Operations Panel (IAOP) reviews.
  • Performed yearly IAOP MMA functional reviews at NASA Centers, to validate adherence to new policies to Agency and government policies.
  • Reviewed past performance for quality, trends and timeliness of flight request data submitted to NASA Headquarters.
  • Temporary detail to the SOFIA Program
  • Detailed part-time to Dryden Flight Research Center to the SOFIA Program Office which required specialized lifting device knowledge and experience. Served as a single point-of-contact for all parties involved in working risk mitigations of critical components for mirror coating tasks.
  • Led a team of SOFIA aircraft staff in preparations for removal, transport and reinstallation of the one-of-kind Infrared Telescope critical lifts for mirror coating. Worked with quality assurance, component subject matter experts from other Centers, support companies in Germany, safety assurance, mission assurance, and lifting device managers from Dryden Flight Research Center (now Armstrong Flight Research Center) and Ames Research Center to review procedures for risk assessments of critical lifts.
2001 - 2006


System Safety Specialist

  • Interface with managers, supervisors, operations and design engineers concerning project risks involving system safety and hazard analysis
  • Performed Fault Tree Analysis and Failure Modes and Effects Analysis for critical flight systems
  • Develop hazard reports for critical flight systems with project teams documenting risk reduction mitigations
  • Led project system safety working group meetings in assessing hazard validity and for proper verify that proper mitigations were in place to identify residual risk at an acceptable level
  • Use experience and education to provide assistance to the project teams for preparation of technical briefings to senior management (AFSRB Reviews, Technical Briefs, System Safety Working Group, Independent Review Teams)

Aviation Ground Safety Manager

  • Have a broad knowledge of Federal Aviation Regulations, which apply to the Center's aircraft when operating in public airspace, by keeping current with the Federal Aviation Administration's Inspector Authorize License.
  • Conducted and/or participated on ground/flight mishap investigations as a representative of the Office of Safety and Mission Assurance
  • Performed periodic OSHA inspections of hangars, shops, taxiways, ramps, and parking areas for safe operations and conditions
  • Participated as a core member of the Center’s Aviation Safety Council.
  • Center’s representative for briefing new organizations and employees on flightline and hangar safety hazards and safety
  • Center Lifting Devices and Equipment Manager for all crane operations (safety oversight)
  • Participate in IAOP meetings and site audits of other NASA Centers

NASA DFRC, 1998-2001
• Flightline Safety Officer - Flight Operations Directorate

NASA DFRC, 1991-1998
• Aerospace Engineering Technician - Flight Operations Directorate

USAF Civil Service, 1986-1991
• Aviation Quality Assurance Inspector

US Air Force Military, 1974-1984
• Veteran 5-Point preference

Honors, Awards, & Certifications:

  • Airframe & Powerplant FAA License
  • Held Inspection Authorized FAA License for 10 Years

Skills & Abilities:

  • OSHA Safety Supervisor Certificate for Attending Multiple Courses, Awarded by the Greater Los Angeles Chapter, Nations Safety Council, 1999
  • OSHA 30-Hour General Industry Safety Course 2019
  • Human Factors Analysis and Classification System – 2014 & 2019
  • FAA/MITRE – Safety Management System (SMS) Training, 2007
  • AQS Management Systems INC.
    • AS9100:2009 40 Hour Lead Auditor Training, 2011
    • AS9100/AS9110/AS9120:2016 Path Forward Training, 2017
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