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SMQC Helps Pave the Way for NASA's Next Gen Spacesuit Testing

Show Me Quality Consulting is making an impact on zero gravity testing efforts for the next generation of NASA spacesuits.
In 2021, a team from SMQC’s partner company ASA and SMQC Chief Quality Officer Trent Russell conducted a Commercial Aviation Services inspection on Zero-G in Fairbanks, Alaska. Zero-G performs parabolic flight maneuvers in which on the downward pitch the flight experiences about 10 seconds of microgravity. This is enough for researchers and scientists to gather data in a gravity free environment, which otherwise would only be achievable in outer space. The inspection results allowed NASA to approve Zero-G as a qualified operator to conduct these missions for NASA.
Recently, Zero-G, in collaboration with the Collins Aerospace, conducted microgravity tests of the new NASA spacesuits designed for use on the International Space Station. 
Read the full NASA article here:

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